Sign our open letter to show your support

Health professionals, associations, academics and consumers have been pushing for decades to ban DTCA-PM. We need to act now, but to get it across the line, the Minister and the Government need to know they have your full support. Please sign our open letter to Minister Verrall.

E te Minita, tēnā koe,

For decades, doctors have been concerned that Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Medicines (DTCA-PM) presents a biased, overly optimistic picture of advertised medicines and prompts patients to request treatments they do not need.

Health practitioners, health professional associations and consumers have continued to call for the practice to be banned in Aotearoa New Zealand, stating that the health claims in DTCA-PM are often unsubstantiated and based on weak evidence; in its most basic form, the priority of advertising is sales and profits; and the triangulation and imbalance of power between the industry, prescribers, and patients places the latter at a distinct disadvantage.

We have outlined 10 reasons why CMC strongly recommend the Therapeutic Products Bill expressly prohibit pharmaceutical advertising direct to consumers in our submission to the Health Select Committee.

They are:

  1. DTCA-PM is prohibited almost everywhere else in the OECD
  2. DTCA-PM is inconsistent with efforts to improve New Zealanders health literacy
  3. DTCA-PM targets the most vulnerable
  4. DTCA-PM leads to increased costs for the health system
  5. DTCA-PM leads to inappropriate prescribing and over-treatment
  6. DTCA-PM leads to iatrogenic harm
  7. DTCA-PM puts the doctor-patient relationship at risk.
  8. DTCA-PM regulation options are flawed
  9. DTCA-PM does not provide patients with useful information
  10. DTCA-PM perpetuates power imbalance in pharmaceutical companies favour

DTCA-PM benefits those who can derive a profit from its existence: the pharmaceutical industry, the advertising industry, and pharmacy businesses.

Ultimately, removing DTCA-PM would free up our overstretched medical professionals by thousands of hours a year – hours that would be much better spent helping sick Kiwis get better. Right now, we estimate New Zealand’s doctors spend around 48,000 hours a year dealing with queries that come up only because of this advertising.

Amongst developed nations, New Zealand and the United States are the only countries that allow this sort of advertising. Banning direct to consumer advertising will bring New Zealand into line with international partners and reduce stress on our health system.

DTCA-PM is often predatory and puts profit ahead of the safety of patients and the expertise of medical professionals. The best person to give patients advice about which treatment is right for them is their health professional – not an advertising campaign whose interest is to push up sales volume.

Prohibiting DTCA-PM is a simple legislative change that will have a profound impact on patients, and free up time for health professionals to look after sick people. There is a consensus view across doctors, across health, across academia, and the opportunity for bipartisanship across political parties, that we need to act now.

We’ve missed many opportunities as a country to fix this and make the Medicines Act fit for purpose. I urge you not to miss the opportunity in front of you.

Ngā mihi,

The Council of Medical Colleges, and the undersigned.

Sign our open letter to show your support
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Professor Murray Barclay Immediate past president, ASMS
Dr Helen Davis Specialist GP, GP Liaison
Dr Janine Close General Practitioner
Professor Les Toop Professor, University of Otago
Esther Munro Executive Director, CMC
Dr Buzz Burrell GP and Pain Medical Officer
Dr Erna Meyer Anesthetist, Whangarei Hospital
Dr Ben Hudson Head of Department - University of Otago Christchurch
Dr Sarah Marr General Practitioner
Dr Nina Molteno General Practitioner
Dr Pleayo Tovaranonte Medical Practitioner
Dr Marcia Walker General Practitioner
Dr Shona Roberts General Practitioner
Dr Andrew Robinson Consultant Anaesthetist, Rotorua
Dr Marcus Hawkins General Practitioner
Dr Helen Pike General Practitioner Blenheim
Dr Sally Talbot General Practitioner
Dr Mark Taylor Clinical Lead of Primary and Integrated Care Te Whatu Ora Waikato
Dr Douglas Rolland General Practitioner
Dr Samantha Murton General Practitioner, President RNZCGP, Chair CMC
Robin Wilson Registered Nurse
Dr Margriet Dijkstra General Practitioner
Dr Lucas Fern General Practitioner
Dr Lynn McBain Head of Department, PHC&GP, University Of Otago Wellington
Dr Ben Seers General Practitioner
Dr Jackie Kamerbeek General Practitioner
Dr Daniel Calder Clinical Director, East Health Trust PHO
Dr Helen Miller General Practitioner, Raumanga medical centre
Dr Jack Wharton General Practitioner
Dr Ari Pfeiffenberger General Practitioner
Dr Colin Chin General Practitioner
Dr Diana Good General Practitioner, Eden Epsom Medical Centre
Dr Landi Cranstoun
Dr Cheyenne Heka Doctor
Nicole Harrison Registered Nurse
Dr Ciaran Edwards General Practitioners
Dr Monica Liva General Practitioner
Dr Beth Walsh General Practitioner
Dr Sandy Barr
Dr Mark Taylor Clinical Lead Primary and Integrated Care
Dr Mary McWatters General Practitioner
Geoffrey Sayer CEO - Medtech Global
Dr Christine Coulter GP Director - Teammedical
Dr Elvina Yung General Practitioner
Dr Fiona MacLean General Practitioner
Dr Felicity Smith General Practitioner
Dr Jo Muir General Practitioner
Prof Dee Mangin Professor, University of Otago
Dr Mary Hung General Practitioner, Tend Pakuranga Medical Centre
Dr Tessa Gallivan General Practitioner
Dr Kim Williams General Practitioner
Dr Thomas Masters General Practitioner
Dr Madeline Gee General Practitioner
Dr Vicki Robertson Gynaecologist
Dr Kirsten Tucker General Practitioner
Dr Mariam Parwaiz Public Health Physician
Kathleen Murphy Registered Nurse, Linwood Medical Centre
Dr Angela Glew General Practitioner
Dr Fiona Bolden General Practitioner
Pamela van den Berg Anaesthetist
Dr Elvira De Jong General Practitioner
Donna Lahood GP Owner, Elstree Ave Family Doctors
Dr Chelsea Harris GP Registrar
Atalie Colman
Dr Amanda Clarke General Practitioner
Dr GIllian Twinem Emergency Physician
Anna Davidson Nurse Practitioner, Tend Health
Yvonne Denny Nurse Manager, Nurse Prescriber - Linwood Medical Centre
Dr Bronwyn Graham Specialist GP, Diamond Harbour Medical
Elizabeth Cook Registered Nurse
Dr Tim Chiari General Practitioner, Poutiri
Dr Aimee Hawker General Practitioner
Dr Justine Lancaster GP & Clinical lead national health pathways
Dr Scott Cameron GP, Wairau Community Clinic
Peter Davis Emeritus Professor in Population Health and Social Science
Dr Courenay White General practitioner
Dr Joel Lexchin Professor Emeritus, University Health Network, Canada
Dr Kirsten Pearce Radiologist, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Pleayo Tovaranonte GP/ Medico-legal Consultant, Doctors on Cashel
Dr Ian Currie Doctor, Ferry Rd Medical Centre
Helen O'Neill General Practitioner
Hilary Baird Public Health Registrar
Dr Iona Bailey General Practitioner
Prof Tony Dowell Professor of Primary Care and General Practice
Dr Luke Bradford General Practitioner/Medical Director
Dr Claire Isham General Practitioner
Jon Duffy CEO - Consumer NZ
Dr Scott Rieper General Practitioner
Rob Campbell
Dr Susan Foot General Practitioner
Dr Werner Pohl GP and UC Specialist
Dr Jeremy McMinn Te Whatu Ora
Professor Barbara Mintzes Professor of Evidence-Based Pharmaceutical Policy, School of Pharmacy and Charles Perkins Centre, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sidney
Wilbert Bannenberg Chair, Pharmaceutical Accountability Foundation
Dave Letele Founder, BBM Motivation
Dr Olivia Tan General Practitioner
Ellen t' Hoen Director, Medicines Law & Policy
Dr Jo Lambert CEO, Stroke Foundation New Zealand
Beverley Snell Health Action International Asia Pacific
Dr Whitney Davis GP/IBCLC, Poutiri Trust
Dr Kim Pasley General Practice medical educator, University of Otago
Dr Joseph Scott-Jones Clinical Director, Pinnacle
Dr Denise Porter Specialist General Practitioner, Hillcrest Medical Centre
Dr Teresa Copsey General Practitioner, Kaiapoi Family Doctors
Dr Kerryn Lum Specialist General Practitioner, RNZCGP
Dr Jon Jureidini Professor of Child Psychiatry, University of Adelaide
Professor Janice Graham Professor, Dept of Pediatrics, Dalhousie University
Professor Rod Jackson Professor of Epidemiology, University of Auckland
Dr Anthony Smit GP, Papanui Medical Centre
Luis Carlos Saiz Researcher, Navarre Health Service, Pamplona, Spain
Adrian Pokorny Medical oncologist, Central Australia Health Service
Dr Ruth Cameron General Practitioner
Alice Fabbri Lecturer, University of Bath
Dr Mohga Kamal-Yanni Senior global health policy advisor, People Vaccine Alliance
Dr Haleh Bagheri Pharmacologist, Faculty of Medicine of Toulouse-France Toulouse University Hospital
Dr Douglas Roland FRNZCGP, Queenstown Medical Centre
Dr Ruth Spearing Haematologist (Retired)
Dr Ron Manulevu General Practitioner, Primary Care
Nina Molteno General Practitioner and Senior Professional Practice Fellow, University of Otago
Helen Clark Public health advocate, Former Prime Minister and Health Minister
Luca Laboli Physician, Farmaco-logico! , NoGrazie (Italian No Free Lunch Group:
Elaine Pooler Specialist General Practitioner
Irina Kazaryan Chairperson, Drug Utilization Research Group NGO, Armenia
Peronato Giovanni MD
Maurizio Bonati Editor, Ricerca & Pratica
David Phizackerley Deputy Editor, Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, UK
Paolo Moretti
Nuria Homedes Executive Director, Salud y Farmacos
Katherine Fierlbeck Professor, Dalhousie University
Elia Abi-Jaoude Psychiatrist
Leemon McHenry Professor Emeritus, California State University
Paolo Vercellini Professor of Gynaecology, University of Milan, Italy
Jeanne Lenzer
Florian Naudet Professor of Therapeutics, CHU de Rennes, France
Kim Witczak Co-Founder, Woodymatters- US Drug Safety Advocacy Org
Allyson Pollock Clinical Professor of Public Health, Newcastle University
Rita Kessler ISDB President, International Society of Drug Bulletins
Carl Elliott Professor, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Peter Maybarduk Access to Medicines Director at Public Citizen
Arthur Schafer Founding Director, Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of Manitoba
Jim Gottstein President, Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights)
Dr Michelle Snape Clinical editor, health pathways , Emergency Medicine specialist, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Maggie Hack GP, RNZCGP
Ruth Macklin
Dr David Grant GP
Vincent Schmitt
Dr Simon Peck Retired doctor/ advisor to technology company
Dr Steve Taylor GP
Prof. John Yudkin Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University College London
Dr Peter Robinson Doctor
Juliet Wells Practice Nurse, Farm Street Family Health Centre
Jax Lucas Practice Manager, Te Puna Doctors
Mary Ballantyne GP, Te Awamutu Medical Centre
Brooke Vosper General Practitioner
Bruce Arroll Professor of General Practice, University of Auckland
Boyd Swinburn Professor, University of Auckland
Ibrahim Al-Busaidi Lecturer, Otago University, Christchurch
David Menkes Academic Psychiatrist, Department of Psychological Medicine
Mary Trimber General Practitioner
Ngaire Kerse Joyce Cook Chair in Ageing Well
John Abramsor Lecturer in Dept. of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School, 2008-2023
Lindsay Sorem
Peter Gøtzsche Director, Institute for Scientific Freedom
Jocelyn Wood GP, Nelson East Medical Centre
Laura Davidson Cardiologist, Wairarapa Hospital
Amar Jesani Editor, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics
Nigel Yeoh General Practitioner
David Skegg Emeritus Professor, University of Otago
Annim Mohammed Pharmacist Academic
James Cave Editor-in-Chief, Drug & Therapeutics Bulletin
Emma Stanley GP, Epic Health Medical Practice
Rozanna Latif General Practitioner
Robert Scragg Professor of Epidemiology, School of Population Health, University of Auckland
Graham McGeoch Medical Director, Better Health Ltd
Tania Stokes GP, Fifth Avenue Family Practice
Samantha Dunnet General Practitioner
Lisa Borgman General Practitioner, Ferry Road Medical Centre
Anita Page General Practitioner
Juan Gervas Coordinator, Equipo Cesca
Charlotte Cooper General Practitioner, Ferry Road Medical
Mary Irvine General Practitioner, Merivale Medical Practice
Carolyn Green Researcher, Therapeutics Initiative
Jessia Otte Member/Clinical Associate Professor/Family Physician, The University of British Columbia Therapeutics Initiative, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Paul Alsop Doctor
Andrew Hornblow Emeritus Professor, University of Otago Christchurch
Ken Bassett Co-Manager, Therapeutics Initiative, University of British Columbia
Natalie Bushaw Consumer
Paul Kovach
Viv van Dam General Practitioner
Aileen Elborough General Practitioner, Pukekohe Family Health Care
Mathhew Barns General Practitioner
Jo Quigley GP Registrar
Catherine King
Helen Allen Obstetrician
Catherine Hurd General Practitioner
Padmanathan Kuhan General Practitioner
Iona Heath
Sally Talbot General Practitioner
Li Ling Ho
Sue Domanski
Collin Tukuitonga Associate Dean Pacific, University of Auckland
Anna Moor Medical Officer Urgent Care, Pegasus
Catherine Shipman
Karen Dickinson
Dr Hannah Walker General Practitioner
Sarah Mills Paediatrician, TWO - Hutt Valley
Dr Geetha Cox General Practitioner, Island Bay Medical Centre
Dr Grahame Jelley General Practitioner contractor, JelleyCo Ltd
Helen Fisher GP, Te Kuiti Medical Center, Te Kuiti
Matthew Doogue A/Prof - Medicine, Clinical Director - Clinical Pharmacology, NZ secretary, Clinical Section Vice Chair, University of Otago, Te Whatu Ora, ASCEPT, IUPHAR
Duncan Yorkston Pharmacist, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Saman Moeed Medical Practitioner
Dr Vidyaliny Yugaraja GP registrar, RNZCGP
Dr Debbie Harrison GP, Toi Toi Medical
Trevor FitzJohn Retired radiologist
Robin Briant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist
Dr Pieter De Witte GP, Barrington Medical Centre
Ms Alison Eddy Chief Executive, New Zealand College of Midwives
Dr Joseph Lau
Dr Annabel White GP, Barrington Medical Centre
Dr Jill Devlin
Dr Srimala Kumarapaapillai GP, Barrington Medical Centre
Dr Elizabeth Roberts Pathologist, Awanui Labs, RCPA Vice President New Zealand, chair of the NZ committee of the RCPA
Dr Lynn Marie Weekes Chair, International Society to Improve the Use of Medicines
Dr Jenny Keightley President, New Zealand College of Musculoskeletal Medicine
Ms Heather Verry CEO, Diabetes New Zealand
Ms Louisa Erickson Operations Manager, Te Pou Oranga o Whakatohea
Dr Colin Jones GP, The Hastings Health Centre
Mr Adrian Metcalfe General Manager, RNZCUC
Dr Lutz Beckert Respiratory Physician, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Margaret Chevasse GP, Otumoetai Health Centre
Dr Jocelyn Bloomfield Partner, Otumoetai Doctors Ltd, Tauranga
Dr Miriam Hurst SMO, Te Toka Tumai
Dr Kirsten Cameron General Practitioner
Dr Alana Ainsworth Paediatrician
Dr Esther Woolston
Dr Claire Jackson GP, Plimmer Steps Medical Centre
Dr Maryam Mussa Paediatrician
Dr Nicola van der Hulst General Practitioner
Dr Amanda Lyver Paediatric Oncologist, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Jonathon Kuttner Semi retired Musculoskeletal Specialist
Dr Rosie Grant GP Registrar, RNZCGP
Dr Joanne Paver Anaesthetist, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Ashley Hooper GP, Mansfield Health Practice
Dr Johanne Egan Emergency Medicine SMO, Te Whatu Ora Waitematā
Dr Louisa Stone
Dr Rachel Johnson Adolescent Health Specialist, Te Whatu Ora Health Nz Counties Manukau
Dr Kirsty Wood Medical Registrar, Te Whatu Ora Waitaha
Dr Michael Piers Anderson
Dr Nichola Rennie General Practitioner
Dr Julie Taylor General Practitioner, RNZCGP
Dr Felicity Williams GP Registrar, Tukituki Medical Centre
Dr Lisa Kennedy GP, Omokoroa Medical Centre
Dr Rebecca Smith Paediatric Intensive Care Specialist
Dr Laura Joyce Emergency Medicine Specialist, Te Whatu Ora Waitaha
Dr Alice Reid Medical Registrar, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Anna Elinder
Dr Natalie Olds Paediatric Registrar, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Rosalie Evans Rural Hospital Medicine Specialist and Specialist General Practitioner
Dr Janine Ryland Health Partner - Public Health Physician, ACC
Dr Danielle Thomson Registrar
Dr Anna Ryan General Practitioner
Dr Balsam Al-Zurfi
Janine Stevens Public Health Physician, Te Whatu Ora MidCentral
Dr Sonja Crone Paediatrician, HOD, Te Whatu Ora Lakes
Dr Sandra Spilg GP, Specialist General Practitioner
Dr Ian Holding Specialist Doctor, CDHB
Dr Rebecca Griffith Paediatrician, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Alison Fawdry GP, Fifth Avenue Family Practice
Dr Jennifer Lyon Te Whatu Ora Waitaha
Dr Lynda Exton GP, Medcheck Ltd.
Dr Lauren Elizabeth Specialist Anaesthetist, Te Whatu Ora - Te Tai Tokerau
Dr Kate Allan Clinical Director/Faculty Chair ACEM, Waitemata /ACEM
Dr Graham Roper SMO, Te Whatu Ora; Chair, ANZCA New Zealand National Committee
Dr Matthew Marion Head of Emergency Department, Te Whatu Ora Tairawhiti
Dr Sally Woods Doctor
Dr Matthew Woods Emergency Physician, Counties Manukau Health
Dr Michele McVie
Dr Rosie Stratford Emergency Physician, CMHDB
Dr Kwokkam (Ken) So Senior Medical Officer (Emergency Department), Health NZ Middlemore Hospital
Dr Sarah Carr Senior Emergency Physician, Christchurch Emergency Dept.
Dr Stefan Van der Wait Paediatrician, Emergency Department, Middlemore Hospital
Dr Mark Lewis FACEM, Canterbury DHB
Dr Paula O'Sullivan Consultant Emergency Medicine, Te Whatu Ora Counties
Dr Brennan Carne
Dr Mark Ballinger Emergency Medicine Specialist, Te Whatu Ora Waitemata
Dr Emily Karanges Research Fellow, Orygen/University of Melbourne
Dr Kris Walpot Fellow, CDHB
Dr Kim McFadden Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Ruth Leadbetter Neurologist
Dr Heidi Baker Specialist Emergency Medicine, Te Toka Tumai
Ms Nicola Corna Nurse Practitioner, Respiratory Services, Te Whatu Ora Middlemore district
Dr Lucy Telfar Barnard Senior Research Fellow, University of Otago
Dr Rose Melchers RMO, Te Waitaha Canterbury
Dr Patricia Neuwelt
Dr Rebekah Jaung University of Auckland
Dr Osman Mansoor Medical Officer of Health, NPHS Tairawhiti
Dr Richard Hoskins Public Health Medicine Specialist
Dr Tevita Vaipuna
Dr Julia Fu Registrar, New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine
Dr Daniel Williams Public Health Physician
Dr Anthony Kriechbaum
Prof Sue Crengle GP and Public Health Physician
Alex Macmillan
Prof. John Eastwood Public Health Physician, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Jennifer Randle Public Health Registrar
Dr Susan Jack Interim Regional Clinical Director, Te Whatu Ora, National Public Health Service
Dr Gerard Sonder Public Health Physician, Pacific Perspectives
Dr Claire Salter
Prof Chris Bullen Professor of Public Health, University of Auckland
Dr Noah Bunkley Public Health Registrar, University of Auckland
Dr David Sinclair Public Health Medical Consultant, NZ College of Public Health Medicine
Dr Ngaire Smidt Medical Advisor - specialist in Public health and Occupational medicine
Dr Alyssa Kirby Cardiologist
Christine Brunner
Dr Kirsten Coppell Public Health Physician
Ms Sarah Helm Executive Director, NZ Drug Foundation
Dr Helen Bichan Retired Fellow of both RANZCP & NZCPHM
Prof. Jennie Connor Professor Emerita, Public Health Epidemiology, NZCPHM
Dr Anand Gangji SMO, Health New Zealand Northland
Dr Mark Goniszewski Clinical Director Retrieval and Transport Services, Te Whatu Ora Te Manawa Taki
Dr Carrie Bryers Public Health Registrar
Dr Annie Borland Registrar, NZ College of Public Health Medicine
Dr Bronwyn Rendle Public Health Physician, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Isaac Smith Public Health Medicine Registrar
Karen Mathias Senior Lecturer, NZCPHM
Dr Sarah Donald Lecturer, Public Health, University of Otago
Dr Bronwyn Chesterfield Public Health Medicine Specialist, Te Tāhū Hauora / HQSC
Dr Julianna Lees Public Health Physician, National Public Health Service
Dr Kate St Louis Doctor, Te Whatu Ora
Ms Charlotte Matthews Physiotherapist
Dr Domini Martin Emergency Physician, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Felicity Dumble PHMS
Prof John McCall Transplant Surgeon, New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit
Prof. Peter Crampton Academic, University of Otago
Ms Laetitia Harding Chief Executive, Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ
Dr George Marchant Emergency Medicine Specialist, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Alistair Humphrey
Dr Andrew MacCormick Chair RACS Aotearoa NZ National Committee, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Dr John Bonning Specialist Emergency Physician, Te Whatu Ora AND Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
Dr Tanya Suthers Emergency Physician, Te Whatu Ora Waikato
Dr Tonya Sadler Emergency Physician, Pegasus Health
Dr George Stephenson ED Specialist
Dr Sarah Hill Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh
Dr Nethmi Kearns Public Health Medicine Registrar
Prof Nikki Turner Professor in Department of General Practice and Primary care, Medical Director Immunisation Advisory Centre, University of Auckland
Prof Lianne Parkin University of Otago
Dr Cloe Posimani Registrar, NZ College of Public Health Medicine
Dr Ruth Cunningham Associate Professor, University of Otago, Wellington
Prof. Faafetai Sopoaga
Dr Ra Baillie Student, University of Otago, NZCPHM
Dr Peter Robinson Specialist in Public Health
Dr Theodore Clearwater Doctor-Fellow, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Rhys Parry GP/UC Physician
Dr Nina Scott Co-Chair, Hei Ahuru Mowai
Dr Richard McLeod GP, Cantral Medical, Oamaru
Dr Nick Cartmell GP, Team Medical
Dr Vanessa Selak Public Health Medicine Specialist, University of Auckland
Dr Kathy Gadd GP/Director City West Medical Centre
Dr Andrew McMenamin Specialist GP, Te Ngae Medical Centre
Dr David Ewen Retired GP, South City Health
Dr Lynne Coleman Clinical Director, The Doctors Apollo
Dr Yu-Ching Yu Specialist GP
Dr Bronwyn Lamond General Practitioner, Kaikōura Health
Dr Mark Rogers GP, ProMed Doctors
Dr Josh Griffiths GP and Rural Hospital Specialist, Dargaville Medical Center // Te Whatu Ora (Te Tai Tokerau), Dargaville Hospital
Dr Emily Brown GP Registrar
Dr Craig Pelvin General Practitioner, Dunedin North Medical Centre
Prof. Richard Edwards Professor of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington
Dr Nathalie Kay Emergency Medicine Specialist, CMDHB
Dr Thomas Cartier General Practitioner
Dr Robert Sweeney GP, Halswell Health
Dr Jane Knight GP Director, Manuka Health Centre
Dr Greg Brown
Dr Adrien Craig Resident Medical Officer
Dr Anil Joshi Emergency Medicine Specialist, Auckland City Hospital
Dr Gregory Harmsworth General Practitioner
Dr Ami Nukada General Practitioner
Dr Rachel Robertson Registrar, Te Whatu Ora
Prof Ben Gray Associate Professor, UOW Primary Health Care and General Practice
Dr Ruth Richards Public Health Physician
Dr Phil McArthur General Practitioner, Medinex Health
Dr Gina de Cleene SMO
Peter Jones Director of Emergency Medicine Research, University of Auckland and Auckland City Hospital
Dr Emma Batistich Emergency Medicine Specialist, Te Toka Tumai
Dr Suzanne Hamillton Senior Medical Officer, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Bethan Maegaard GP, Freshminds
Dr Rowena Sosich General Practioner
Dr Martin Phaff GP, Blue Penguin Medical Centre
Dr Greg Judkins General Practitioner
Dr Sophie Parnham Emergency and Rural Physician, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Raakhi Mistry General Practitioner
Dr Meghan Ryall ED SMO, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Anabelle Babbage Retired GP
Dr Kerr Wright Rural GP
Dr James Le Fevre Emergency Medicine Specialist, Te Toka Tumai Auckland
Dr Frances Moon General Practitioner
Dr James Broadbent Specialist Anaesthetist, Te Whatu Ora Capital Coast and Hutt Valley
Dr Robert Stevenson Retired
Dr Catherine Gray GP, Shape My Health
Dr Anna Lawrence Urologist
Mr Jeff Soukotta Online Marketer
Dr Hannah Noel Paediatrician
Dr Brigid O'Brien Public Health Physician, Te Whatu Ora
Dr John Holmes Public Health Physician
Dr Euna Sahng General Physician, Te Whatu Ora, Health New Zealand
Liz Beel
Dr Neil Whittaker General Practitioner
Dr Andrew Holmes Director, Epicure Health Limited
Dr Cheryl Brunton Public Health Physician, National Public Health Service
Dr Ana Khan Doctor
Prof Papaarangi Reid
Dr Annika Metua General Practitioner
Dr Adrian Kerner Consultant EM, Hase Medical NZ
Ancel-la Santos EU pharmaceutical policy expert
Dr Clair Mills Public Health Medicine Specialist
Dr Megan Griffiths General Practitioner
Dr Kay Hall SMO, Te Whatu Ora Nelson Marlborough
Dr Greg Stevens Emergency Physician, TWO- Waikato
Dr Terri Prest Emergency Medicine Specialist, Te Whatu Ora Counties Manukau
Mr Ranieri Salvadorini Freelance Science Journalist
Juliet Kane
Associate Professor Deborah Read Public Health Physician, Massey University
Dr Kirsty McKellar General Practitioner
Dr Ruth Large Emergency Physician
Dr Caroline Christie General Practitioner
Dr Joshua Clark Public Health Medicine Registrar
Prof Patricia Priest Professor, Epidemiology
Dr Nicholas Longley Emergency Medicine Specialist, Waitemata- Te Whatu Ora
Dr Krahn Dirken SMO, Te Whatu Ora Taranaki
Dr Michael Connelly Clinical Director, Te Whatu Ora - Taranaki
Dr Bridget Wilson Public Health Medicine Specialist
Dr Angharad Dunn General Practitioner
Dr Donald Taylor
Dr Benjamin Murrin SMO, CICM, Whangarei Hospital
Dr Alexander King Emergency Physician
Dr Richard Wall Public Health Medicine Specialist
Dr Alexander Browne ED and ICU Physician
Dr Pierre Pechon Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Marion Poore Fellow - NZ College of Public Health Medicine
Dr Susie Harichandran GP
Dr Erik Rufa SMO Internal Medicine
Dr Bridget Mooney Consultant Emergency Medicine
Dr Elspeth Frascatore SMO
Dr Sophia Harris GP
Dr Albertine Ireland
Dr Gounder Reshmi GP
Dr Jill Shepherd GP
Dr Karen McIlhone Public Health Physician
Dr Joanne Knappstein Paediatrician
Dr Samantha King Medicolegal Consultant and GP
Dr Tasmin Barry Doctor
Dr David Jones Paediatrician
Nomes Lorimer Clinical Administrator
Dr George White GP
Dr Ryan Metcalfe Emergency Medicine Registrar
Dr Anne Chiang Anaesthesia Senior House Officer
Dr Trinh Wright GP
Dr Dinshaw Mistry Surgeon
Dr Emma Watson GP
Dr Izzy Lomax-Sawyers RMO
Dr Sarah Olsen
Dr Emma Clare General Practitioner
Dr Ray Khoo Director - Howick Health and Medical Centre
Dr Nadya York Surgeon
Prof Andrew Jull
Dr Rawiri Keenan GP Academic
Dr Gary Jackson Public Health Physician
Dr Chame Blackburn Emergency Physician
Dr Kelly Austin Emergency Medicine Consultant (FACEM)
Dr Jessica Nimmo Medical Oncology Registrar
Dr Brenda Breidenstein SMO
Dr Marek Lang Rural Hospital Specialist and GP
Dr Phillippa Wills Emergency physician
Dr Matthew Wilson GP, Palliative Care Registrar
Dr Barry Gribben Medical Director, CBG Health Research
Dr Sapna Samant GP
Dr Penny Kagan Locum GP
Dr Anna Elinder Haematologist - Te Whatu Ora, Waitemata
Dr Elizabeth Keeling Paediatrician
Donald Mackenzie Mayo Trainee Intern
Dr Jonathan Hoogerbrug GP
Dr James McElligott Registrar
Dr Gregory Bond Registrar
Ms Séverine Carré-Pétraud Prescrire - Publishing Director
Dr Rosemary Wyber General Practitioner
Dr Vanessa Beavis Anaesthetist
Dr Dave Offner GP
Kathryn Lawrie Pharmacist
Dr Deborah Santa Clara Registrar
Owen Doran Emergency Specialist
Rebecca Williams
Dr Malcolm McKellar Owner Dr Malcolm McKellar Ltd
Associate Professor Chris Hemmings Pathologist
Dr Sarah Moll
Prof Quinn Grundy Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Dr Susan Armstrong GP / Director
Dr Jackie Broadbent
Shaun Robinson Chief Executive - Mental Health Foundation
Dr Ben Brockway Consultant and Senior Lecturer
Dr Brooke Beardsley Anatomical Pathologist
Ms Kelly Jones Section Head - Te Whatu Ora
Dr Sarah Bowker SMO
Dr Richard Stephenson Emergency Physician
Dr Michael Kalkoff SMO
Tricia San Juan
Rose Boyle Owner - Sabzi Organics of NZ Ltd
Dr Simon Horsburgh Academic
Emily Mountier
Dr Alice Miller Medical doctor and postgraduate student of public health
Alexandria Mintoft-Jones Data Analyst - Health quality and safety commission
Dr Christopher Lear Senior Research Fellow
Dr Steve McGlone General Practitioner
Dr Jan White General Practitioner
Dr Jason Gray Clinical Pharmacist
Peter Macdonald
Catherine Gerard
Sue Watson Senior Pharmacist
Dr Jonathan Kennedy General Practitioner
Amanda Brien Registered Nutritionist (NZ)
Joanie Roundtree Pukekohe Family Health - MCA
Mark Rewi ED Physician
Professor Warwick Bagg Deputy Dean - Waipapa Taumata Rau University Auckland
Dr Steven Greenblatt Anaesthetic Registrar
Dr Simone Besseling Anaesthetic Registrar
Mikayla Neil Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dr Clark Stevenson GP
Jocasta Whittingham
Dr Leon Cloherty SMO
Abigail Dunlop Assistant Research Fellow
Troy Smithers Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Nikki Rolton Emergency Specialist
Prof Louise Signal Academic
Isis McKay General Manager - Women's Health Action
Dr Kathryn Hagen Anaesthesiologist
Dr Katie Humm Doctor
Dr Vik Singh Anaesthetist
Dr Rupa Patel MD - Queens University Canada
Dr Yvonne Wagner Specialist
Dr Kim Lawson General Practitioner
Prof Simon Hales Research Professor
Dr Lucy Elkin
Dr Michele Cooper GP Specialist
Prof Rowena Cullen Emeritus professor, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington
Dr Andrea Teng Researcher
Dr Kate Margetts
Dr K Jamieson
Mr Maurice Priestley
Dr Karen Pedersen Anaesthetist
Dr Jessie Radford
Dr Melody Curie GP Registrar
Dr Shona Roberts General Practitioner
Dr Ashley Bloomfield Professor, School of Population Health
Dr Sara Ralph GP Partner
Dr Kaye Logan SMO
Dr Caroline Yuill RMO
Dr Aaron Liston RMO
Dr Alice Lumsden Medical Registrar
Prof Rob Siebers Research
Dr Mark Sagarin Consultant
Prof Rob Beaglehole Emeritus Professor
Dr Phoebe Dreadon General practitioner
Dr Sofie Rose Medical Registrar
Dr Elizabeth Dunn Anaesthetist
Dr Beth O'Donnell General practitioner
Dr Nathan O'Donnell Doctor
Evan Ireland
Dr Fiona Imlach Epidemiologist
Dr Javier Garjon Editor Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin of Navarre (Spain)
Gerard Melchers House Officer
Dr Andrew Mcleod General practitioner
Dr Colin Millard Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University
Dr Marion Leighton Specialist
Dr Eliane Ho General practitioner
Ms Emma Burnell Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dr Susan Weggery
Sandra Coney Former elected member Waitemata DHD; First chair Consumer Advisory Committee, Pharmac
Bruce Kidd Research Fellow
Dr Rebecca Stevenson Hospice Medical Officer
Dr Anneke Nieuwenhuis Doctor
Dr Rebecca Randerson Specialist GP
Dr Anna Byrne Consultant Haematologist
Dr Judy Ormandy FRANZCOG - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Dr Lavinia Perumal Public Health Medicine Specialist
Dr Marisa Schubert Anaesthetic Registrar
Dr Phillipa Clark SMO
Dr Nuwan Dharmawardana ENT Registrar
Dr Nicki Hartland GP
Dr Catriona Austin
Dr Julian Pettit GP / Director, Wanaka Medical
Dr Sarah Phipps Anaesthetist
Dr Tom Mossong House Officer
Prof Lisa Cosgrove University of Massachusetts-Boston Professor and Faculty Fellow Applied Ethics Center
Professor Ruth Bonita Beaglehole ONZM Member Cartwright Collective
Dr Lauren Chalmers GP
Ms Barbara Holland Co-Convenor Federation of Women's Health Councils
Dr Miriam Larsen-Barr Clinical Psychologist
Prof Joanna Manning Professor of Medical Law, member Cartwright Collective
Dr Lupe Taumoepeau Vascular & Transplant Surgeon
Dr Oliver Coleman Paediatric Registrar
Dr Mary Brooker Anaesthetist
Prof John Potter Professor; formerly Chief Science Advisor to MoH
Dr Sue Bagshaw Doctor, trustee, educator and Chairperson, senior clinical lecturer
Dr Cherry Laurenson GP
Jaime Lyth
Dr Savitha Bhagvan Surgeon
Dr Graeme Camp
Ms Lyn Thomas Retired
Prof M. Gary Nicholls Emeritus Professor
Murray Thomas Retired
Ms Margi Luby
Dr Martin Paul Than Nyunt Doctor
Dr Vanessa Stedman Doctor
Ms Kim Barnett
Ms Sue Claridge Communications Manager, Auckland Women's Health Council
Mr Dale Smith
Mr Peter Selwyn Director, myt3 Ltd
Ms Ngatania Ward
Dr Chris Whittington General Practitioner, Silverdale Medical
Dr Anthony Hay General Practitioner
Dr Irena Steinfeld General Practitioner
Mr William Neunreuther
Dr Gary Payinda Emergency Medical Specialist, Te Whatu Ora, Te Tai Tokerau
Peter Gluckman Director, Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures
Dr Patricia McIntosh General Practitioner
Mr Graham Bull
Mr Oliver Roberts
Ms Ingrid Perols
Ms Charlotte Korte Co-Founder, The Health Consumer Advocacy Alliance
Dr Lauren Antley GP, Promed Doctors
Dr Jacqui Gordon General Practitioner
Dr Maike Mewe FRNZCGP
Associate Professor Elana Curtis The University of Auckland
Dr Victoria Shaw Youth Health Doctor, Independent
Dr Toby Calvert Rural Hospital Registrar
Dr Mark Hussey ED Clinical Leader, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Capital Coast & Hut Valley Te Whatu Ora
Dr Vicki Coleman Anaesthetist
Kerstin Perols
Dr Brad Peckler SMO, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Hugh Blackley
Dr Karen Amies
Dr Jack Dummer Respiratory consultant and senior lecturer, University of Otago
Prof. Charlotte Paul Emeritus Professor, University of Otago
Dr Sue Ong
Dr Jelena Bennett Consultant Psychiatrist , Te Whatu Ora
Dr Kate Stanbridge ED SMO, Te Whatu Ora Waitaha
Dr Vanessa Souter General Practitioner
Dr Fiona Whitworth General Practitioner
Dr Kerry Macaskill-Smith GP, KMS Health Ltd
Dr Linda Pirrit GP, Turuki Medical
Dr Sarah Holmes GPEP3+ GP reg, Papakura East Medical Centre
Dr Hella Insinger GP, Urgent Care and Company Doctor, WSLtd
Dr Rob Hayes GP, Tima Health
Dr Meg Thomson General Practitioner
Dr Deborah Payne Associate Professor, AUT
Dr Michael Loten Specialist GP, Raglan Medical
Mrs Aly Timmings Manager, Waikato Brain and Spine
Dr Josephine O'Grady General Practitioner
Dr Jude Ball Senior Research Fellow, University of Otago
Dr Susan Grindlay GP Owner, Helensburgh Medical Centre
Dr Peter Hurly
Dr Eline Thomson Public Health Medicine Registrar
Ms Hweiling ow
Ms Saii Kiew Ng Retired, Accounts and Lecturer
Dr Miriam Martin GP, Urgent Care, Village Health Lincoln Road
Ms Karen Pewhairangi
Dr Stephen Brown GP, Durham Health
Dr Rex Yule Rural GP, Amberley Medical Centre
Dr Mike Osselton GP, St Martin's Medical Practice
Dr Michael Tarry Retired GP
Dr Lois Fong General Practitioner
Mr Isaac Flynn Medical Laboratory Scientist
Dr Kay Joyce General Practitioner
Dr Victoria Flight
Dr Geraldine Trevella GP, Amberley Medical Centre
Dr Sue Hamer General Practitioner
Dr Diana Kim Nicholson Burgess Clinical Leader for Population Health, Pegasus Health
Prof. Kevin Dew
Dr Maria Burke GP in Ōtautahi/Christchurch
Dr Susan Bargh GP, Bryndwr Medical Rooms
Dr John Carnachan GP, Knox Medical Practice
Dr Martin Wilson Clinical Leader, Pegasus Health
Denise Nicholson
Dr Briar Hill MDHB
Ms Maree Mabey Medical Receptionist, Village Health
Dr Gabriella Ellen NZCPHM
Ms Libbey Grant Research Fellow, University of Otago Wellington
Ms Amy Johnston
Dr Alison Blaiklock Public Health Physician
Dr Rebecca Nicholls General Practitioner
Mr Matt Adams Architect, Adams Architects
Dr David Pillbrow GP, Travis MC
Dr Megan Higgins General Practitioner, Newtown Union Health Service
Dr Sharon Ashmore General Practitioner, Kendal Medical Centre
Dr Catriona MacGregor General Practitioner
Kirstin Brown
Mr Wayne Lim General Manager, Te Awamutu Medical Centre
Dr Rachelle Pound General Practitioner
Dr Jane Henrys General Practitioner
Dr Alf Scragg
Ms Melissa Ewart CMC
Gloria Forgie
Ms Letitia Marchand Practice Manager, Doctors on Cashel
Mr Tony Falkenstein
Dr Katherine Lovell General Practitioner
Dr Liz Schroder General Practitioner
Dr Janett Andres General Practitioner
Dr Stephen Baker GP, Bryndwr Medical Rooms
Dr Emma Losco Geriatrician, Te Whatu Ora
David Britten
Dr Elizabeth Loudon GP, St Martin's Medical
Mr Shan Valiyara Research Fellow, University of Otago
Dr Mark Fulcher President, Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians
Clare Greasley Pharmacy Services Manager, Te Whatu Ora Waitaha
Mr Ketan Buddhdev Citizen
Dr Renly Lim Pharmacist
Dr Erika Sirisomboonwong Public Health Registrar
Dr Jaimie Dikstaal
Dr Andrea Judd General Practice Owner, Kaikōura Healthcare
Dr Jeremy Tuohy
Dr Anne Hurly GP, Queen St Practice, Wairoa
Dr Nicky Baxter Geriatrician
Jo Cobbett ED SMO
Dr Annabel Begg Public Health Specialist, Te Whatu Ora
Mr David Wills Director, Nurses Society of New Zealand
Dr David Finlay General Practitioner
Dr Ramon Pink Clinical Director, Te Mana Ora Community and Public Health
Ms Louisa Sowerby Pharmacist, Te Whatu Ora Waitaha
Dr Li Shawn Lim General Practitioner
Prof. Paul Rouse Academic, University of Auckland
Dr Joan Leighton General Practitioner
Dr Louise Draper GP, Merivale Medical Practice
Dr Timothy Crampton Doctor
Dr Caroline Hart
Mrs Glenys Moore Nurse Manager, St Martins Medical Practice
Dr Felix Rueppell GP/Director, Port Hills Health
Dr Shelley Louw GP, The Christchurch Doctors
Dr Rose Laing General Practitioner
Prof Hee Teng Aw Retired
Dr Nicole Anderson GP, Village Health Lincoln Road
Hammond Williamson GP, Action Medical
Dr Christopher Leathart GP, Bishopdale Medical
Dr Sharon Gardiner Co-Lead, NZ Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Pharmacist Expert Group
Dr Elizabeth Mangan GP Partner, Riccarton Medical
Dr Rebecca Langley
Ms Annie Egan ICU pharmacist / critical care educator, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Anthony Spencer Clinical Director General Medicine. CDHB
Dr Alice Faulkner GP Owner, Nelson East Medical
Dr Robert Bester Director/ GP, Bester McKay Family Doctors
Dr Natalie Balme GP, Bester McKay Family Drs
Dr Christine Elder Radiation Oncologist
Dr Sam Martin Paediatric Registrar
Dr Nat Anglem
Dr Dean Mannis
Ms Sharon Brinsdon Retired - Ex GP manager NMDHB board member
Dr Emily Cavana Senior Lecturer and General Practitioner
Dr Roger Baillie GP, Invercargill Medical Centre
Ms Margaret Baillie
Dr Alison Jackson Anaesthetist
Dr Josh Johnstone General Practitioner
Ms Sian Dawson Clinical Lead Pharmacist, Education, Training and Practice Research, Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai Auckland
Dr Joanna Beaumont General Practitioner
Dr Murray Robson GP, Straven Medical Rooms
Dr David McQuade SMO, CCDHB
Ms Angela Tiller Practice Nurse, St Martin's Medical
Dr Daniel Watson Regional Director of Emergency Medicine Training, Te Whatu Ora Capital Coast and Hutt Valley
Dr Adam Campbell GP, Canterbury Primary Health
Dr Devlyn Corrigan Senior Medical Officer, Health New Zealand
Dr Evelyn Pui GP, Inspire Health Medical Practice
Dr Judith Millar General Practitioner
Dr Laura Juliet Wilkinson Emergency Medicine Specialist, Wellington Hospital
Ms Sarah Keen Managing Editor MIMS New Zealand, MIMS Australia and New Zealand
Dr Sarah Metcalf Infectious Diseases & General Medicine Specialist Physician, Te Whatu Ora Waitaha
Dr Henning Heste General Practitioner
Dr Simon Dalton Consultant, TWO
Mr Jean-Pierre Meyer
Ms Sian Dawson President, New Zealand Hospital Pharmacy Association
Fiona Taylor Research Admin, University of Otago, Wellington
Dr Bevan Rogers GP, Southside Health
Dr Matthew Reid Public Health Medicine Specialist, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Caroline Ryan GP, Templeton Medical
Ms Hwei Gjin Ow Consumer
Dr Shirin Robinson General Practitioner
Dr Brendon Aish GP, Crawford Medical
Dr Anna Stevenson Public Health Physician, Te Whatu Ora
Ms Ariel Hubbert Pharmacist
Ms Merusha Naidoo Clinical Informatics Analyst | Pharmacist
Dr Thomas Stevenson Emergency Physician, Te Whatu Ora Taranaki
Dr Fiona Campbell GP Liaison, Te Whatu Ora
Dr Ruth Savage Senior Lecturer, Dept of General Practice, University of Otago, Christchurch
Mrs Paula Robb
Dr Timothy Bevin Retired, RNZCGP
Mr John Almond
Dr Andre Adam ED Registrar, Te Whatu Ora Waitaha
Dr Jason Feng Emergency Specialist, Te Whatu Ora Capital Coast and Hutt Valley
Dr Rhys Jones
Dr Stephanie Mackie Specialist in Emergency Medicine, Te Whatu Ora Counties Medicine
Mai Nguyen
Dr Yasmin McGrane Emergency Department Senior Medical Officer, Te Whatu Ora = Taranaki Base Hospital
Dr Rachael Luckie Specialist Emergency Physician, Te Whatu Ora Waikato
Dr Lauren Cumberpatch General Practitioner
Dr Bernd Stoltenberg GP, City Medical Gisborne Ltd
Dr Isabelle Duck Clinical Director of Urgent Care, Silverdale Medical
Giselle Bahr Clinical Psychologist, Excellence in Mind
Dr Jacques Marchand Principal General Practitioner, Doctors on Cashel @ Allen Street
Dr Vanessa Somos Paediatric and Public Health Registrar
Dr Warren Groarke Partner, Silverdale Medical
Dr Ruth Lopert Director, LWC Health Pty Ltd
Prof. Craig Welch Director, LWC Health
Dr Connie Juhn GP, Sexual Assault Forensic Doctor, Three Kings Family Medical Centre
Dr Emma Carter General Practitioner
Dr Penny Jeffery Emergency Physician, CCDHB
Dr Catherine Xu GP, Burnside Medical Centre
Ms Janice Moody Pharmacist, Te Whatu Ora
Mrs Margaret Gardner
Dr Clare O'Brien
Dr Brett Shand Retired PhD qualified clinical research scientist
Ms Sian Gilhooley Child Health Services Manager, Comprehensive Care PHO
Ms Natasha Pool Specialist Clinical Pharmacist, Te Whatu Ora
Lisa Parker Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
Prof. John Abraham
Dr Zahed Mohammad Masud Publishing Drug Bulletin, Health Action Forum
Dr Christopher Todd
Dr Carla Rockel GP, Ngaio medical centre
Wolfgang Becker-Brüser Editor, Arznei-Telegramm
Dr Brandon Rickards GP and Practice Owner, RNZCGP
Dr Stefan Schulze SMO
Prof. Jörg Striessnig Licensed Pharmacologist, Chairman Institute of Pharmacy, University of Innsbruck
Dr Sue Bibby General Practitioner and Senior Research Fellow, University of Otago
Dr Bronwyn Turner
Dr Gabrielle McDonald Public Health Physician
Dr Felicity Pugh Specialist, Te Toka Tumai
Dr Fraser Burling Physician, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Clinic
Dr Sarah Blair GP Registrar
Ms Rawa Osman Pharmacist
Kateřina Viktorová PharmDr, Farmakoterapeutické informace, member of ISDB, administered by Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Czech Republic
Dr Simonette Mallard NZCPHM
Dr Staffan Svensson General Practitioner, Västra Götalandsregionen, Sweden
Ms Vineeta Prasad Nurse, Middlemore Hospital
Mr Daniel Wilson Medical Student, University of Auckland
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