The collective voice for all eighteen Medical Colleges in Aotearoa New Zealand

The Council of Medical Colleges (CMC) supports the provision of a well-trained and safe medical workforce to serve the best interests of the Aotearoa New Zealand community.

Ensuring a safe, high-quality medical workforce

We are the collective voice for all eighteen medical colleges in New Zealand. Medical colleges are not-for-profit educational bodies responsible for the training, examination and recertification of medical practitioners. The colleges also set standards for clinical practice. Ensuring a safe, well-trained medical workforce, and in turn the highest quality medical care for the community, is a core purpose of the medical colleges.

Recognised, trusted and authoritative

We act as a forum for the medical colleges, to discuss issues of common interest, and to share knowledge, objectives and policies. We inform and advise key health sector groups, including Ministers, government agencies, and other relevant bodies on health sector issues.


We produce reports, papers and position statements where there is collective agreement amongst our members. We undertake projects on specific issues at the direction of the Board of Trustees. We regularly make submissions on health sector consultations and government bills, particularly those related to patient safety, medical training and workforce issues.

Want to know more?

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