Council of Medical Colleges in New Zealand

Our past and our future

“The development of what is now the CMC is a sign of the need to de-fragment and to unify the profession on many broad strategic issues within the health sector.” – Dr P.N. Leslie, 2006


CMC was formally established as a Trust in 2001 following a history of cooperation between the Australian and New Zealand Colleges dating back to the 1920s. The formation of a formal body allowed the Medical Colleges to discuss issues of common interest and to share knowledge, objectives and policies. The following publications provide excellent background to the establishment of CMC as it is today:

-          Download 'the Council of Medical Colleges in New Zealand (CMC): A study in evolution, with occasional revolution'  written by Dr P.N. Leslie, FRACP (March 2006)

-          Download 'A Way forward: Developing Collaborative Solutions for the New Zealand Health System' Published by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Sydney 1999 (ISBN 0-909783-41-1)


In CMC's Strategic Plan - Towards 2015, the purpose of CMC is stated as:

"CMC will be the recognised, trusted and authoritative collective voice for the Medical Colleges in New Zealand, supporting the provision of well trained and safe medical workforce serving the best interests of the New Zealand community."

The Council of Medical Colleges will:

-       Operate with high standards of professionalism

-       Act with integrity and be guided by ethical principles

-       Ensure collegiality through collaboration and support by Members for each other and for CMC as a whole

Strategic Goals

CMC will be an effective collective voice for the Colleges.

CMC will add value to the individual College Members work - I.e. be a forum

CMC will promote a well-trained and safe medical workforce serving the best interests of the New Zealand community.

The Strategic Plan of the CMC is due to be updated in 2016