We act as a forum for the medical colleges in Aotearoa New Zealand

We meet quarterly to discuss issues of common interest, and to engage with key players in the health sector. Through our extensive network in the medical college community, CMC is able to provide well-informed opinions and advice to Ministers, government agencies and other relevant bodies on health, postgraduate medical training and workforce issues.

Photo courtesy of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

We advocate to improve, protect and promote public health

Our regular meetings are an opportunity to advocate to improve, protect and promote public health. We also develop position papers and make submissions on health sector consultations, particularly those related to patient safety, medical training and workforce issues. Occasionally, CMC also undertakes projects on specific matters at the direction of the Board of Trustees.

We facilitated the global Choosing Wisely campaign in New Zealand

From 2016 to 2020 we facilitated New Zealand’s involvement in the global Choosing Wisely campaign, aimed at reducing harm from unnecessary tests and low-value treatment. The campaign promotes a culture where low value and inappropriate clinical interventions are avoided, and patients and health professionals have well-informed conversations about treatment options, leading to better decisions and outcomes. Many medical colleges have identified tests, treatments or procedures that may be unnecessary based on evidence, and discussion with their members. From June 2020, the Health Quality and Safety Commission has been managing the Choosing Wisely campaign. Choosing Wisely recommendations, as well as a range of resources to help you implement a Choosing Wisely campaign in your organisation or service, are available here: https://www.hqsc.govt.nz/our-programmes/other-topics/choosing-wisely/

Strategic Objectives 2020-2023

We have four strategic objectives to guide our work over 2020-2023

  • 1 CMC will align with the Treaty of Waitangi and major stakeholders in Māori health to bring about equitable health outcomes for Māori. CMC will collaborate within its member colleges and with stakeholders to bring about a culturally safe workforce.
  • 2 CMC will promote the role of the Colleges to develop a well-trained and safe medical workforce serving the best interests of patients and the New Zealand community.
  • 3 CMC will be an effective collective voice for the Colleges through evidence-based policy and advocacy on issues affecting the public in New Zealand.
  • 4 CMC will add value to the individual Colleges’ work on knowledge and best practice and encourage inter-College collaboration.

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